Slow yeast

I will need to wait to find out how the idea works. The yeast in the starter grew too slowly. It didn’t look too active next morning, but I made a batch of dough anyway and set it aside to rise before I went to speech class. When I got back late in the morning, it hadn’t done much. I moved the dough to a warmer area for the next few hours, but by three, my mental deadline for being able to finish the danish in time, it was still flat, so I threw it out. However, I only used about half the starter, so I’m feeding the remainder and will re-attempt a mushroom-sourdough danish later.

Last night I sautéed the remainder of the forest mushrooms that we acquired via our CSA farmers, whose neighbor grew them, with some leftover fresh pasta and tomatoes. With a bit of olive oil and cheese on top, delicious!