Slow week

It’s a relatively slow week. My intensive, half-semester speech class is done. Monday class was short because Chef didn’t feel well, Tuesday there was no class because Chef was ill, and we’re in transition anyway, wrapping up Basics while preparing to move on to Breakfast and Meat Fab.

On the one hand, it’s always nice to get out early, or have a day off. But on the other, I want to learn, to do. So I’m trying to apply what I’m learning in class outside of class. This week I used the soup techniques we’ve been learning to make a white/green chili. It came out pretty well, although I would alter some proportions another time. But I can begin to see myself knowing more what I’m doing, applying specific techniques instead of just deciding what I want to make and going at it.

Next week, after some warm-up, we’ll be cooking for people other than ourselves, which I’m less comfortable with, but that’s a barrier I need to break.