Repeatable pie crust!

In spite of the fact that I tried to make the vent in the top crust in a pinwheel style and it flattened out in the oven, this pie looked as good as the first. I can repeatedly make a good pie crust! At the end of the night, we used a portion of our puff paste to make turnovers with a bit of reserved fruit filling. While I think the turns on our puff pastry came off fairly well, the turnovers were not an aesthetic success. First, we probably didn’t cut off quite enough dough, and then I think the dough got too warm and became overelastic, fighting our attempts to form it into squares of the proper size. I wound up with a pair of almost-tubular rectangular shapes, which Chef suggested could be sliced open a bit like bear claws, so I did that. They weren’t pretty, but tasted good.

I know you can buy pretty good puff paste, but I’d really like to master making it. It’s more satisfying when you make your own.