Day 2

No, you won’t be seeing "Day 142", but we are still close to the start and nothing much has happened yet.

Lecture on basic safety and sanitation, and a familiarization tour of the some of the facilities: the kitchen we’ll be working in for the first few weeks, including coolers, freezer, equipment and tools; the storeroom and its cooler and freezer; and very briefly the other two kitchens, used primarily by 2nd- and 3rd-semester classes, although we’ll be in the latter kitchen for our "Breakfast" unit in a few weeks. We’ll be starting off in our own kitchen with baked goods. There will be breads, but also enough cakes, pies, and the like that in a couple of weeks everyone will be thoroughly sick of sugar.

Stood in line for a long time today in order to get a bureaucratic difficulty with one of my classes resolved, only to end up needing to return tomorrow to deal with it. Frustrating, but par for the course, I guess.