Chef Of The Day

Monday was my turn to be chef of the day, responsible for prepping hollandaise and bèarnaise sauces, and running the pass: calling orders and finishing plates. It turned out to be the busiest day we’ve had so far– and most of the orders were for omelets. At one point there were 6 omelet orders on the board, and I was holding a couple more. Chef even jumped in to help out on the range. I’m pretty sure in retrospect that I didn’t always plate everything as well as it could have been done (or even properly in a couple of cases), but given my inexperience in that kind of situation I was pleased that I managed at least to keep up and keep order.

Tomorrow I’m host in the front of the house, Friday I’ll be steward (dishwasher, mostly), and then Monday will be my Herbed Lamb Hash special.