Brief promotion

that someone had been seen with a gun, and they were just finishing securing the building, which should be open again in about half an hour. Ok. So I go back to my car and sit for a while, and a few other culinary students are around and we exchange rumors, and then we hear that the building is open again, and we go in.

Only about half of our class was there, and because they normally start earlier, only two of the second-semester class that runs the cafeteria at night were present. So Chef asked for volunteers to work in the second-semester kitchen, and I volunteered. It was a little frustrating– by now I’m familiar with two of the three kitchens, and this one is the third– but everyone gets along pretty well, and it was fun to have a break in the routine, a preview of what’s to come. I made 15 cheese pizzas (to be transformed with toppings tomorrow) and baked four, helped with a huge pot of stock, spiced about ten pounds of duck quarters for later use, and generally cleaned up and tried to be helpful. All of us volunteers got free food, extra credit in our own course, and a few hours of catering time logged, which is apparently valuable in some way in the future. All in all, an interesting and mildly exciting diversion.