Sleeping on the Bed

Enzo now eagerly jumps on the bed, under certain conditions: I am the only person on it, and he thinks he can get to his favorite spot up near the pillows without upsetting one of the other dogs; or when I am getting up, say from reading, and he’s excited because he thinks something might happen and he wants to say hi and get scratched. He will get up other times, but is much more reserved and cautious, less likely to stay.

It’s not infrequent that I or my wife wake up in the night and cannot get back to sleep. We’ll often leave the room and do something elsewhere in the house, rather than just lay there in the dark. Last night we both were unlucky in this way. She fell asleep on the sofa and I eventually went back to bed. I invited the dogs up, as I sometimes do when I am alone in the bed. Lately I’ve been leaving Enzo’s kennel door open at night, and somewhat to my surprise he jumped up, too, taking his position at the very top almost on Edith’s pillow, very close to me because Bisou didn’t leave him much room. Even more surprising, a little later he was sleeping with his head against my arm. It was nice. He stayed until Edith came back to bed a couple of hours later.