When we were planning to bring Enzo home early in May, we also had vague plans for one of our summer road trips in June. We always take the dogs with us, but this will not work with three dogs. The easy and obvious solution is for Enzo to return to boarding (where he was at that time residing) while we are gone. Though the road trip ended up being only a week in Flagstaff, it still was difficult to leave him behind. He never looked at me through the fence like that when I was just visiting him. I thought of him often while we were enjoying our holiday.

I wondered if when I went to pick him up he would be happy to see me. Would he be relatively easy to leash? No. I found him in a large yard. He had regressed, and was difficult to catch. But once caught, he hopped into the car and settled back into his life with us almost astonishingly quickly– including tolerating another shower, more stoically than the first one. And the next day:

(Enzo is closest.) Again, this is unusual. He likes being on the bed but usually chooses a spot farther away. Given recent events I suspect it was a matter of security and reassurance, like the last time he was this cuddly. Welcome back, Enzo.