When we began fostering Domingo last April, his presence on the bed made Enzo more reticent to join us there. And the sofa was apparently only big enough for one of them at a time. I felt a little badly for Enzo, but Domingo was very scared and needed all the help feeling safe he could get.

Fast forward several months. Domingo has begun to come out of his shell and participate in household life. And Enzo… Enzo has made a regular habit of jumping on the bed very early mornings before anyone is fully awake. He gets scratches (really getting into it) and usually settles down for a snuggle, sometimes falling asleep for a while. He and Domingo share the sofa. He has approached for affection outside. All new levels of comfort for him. Recently there was a thunderstorm in the night. Enzo jumped up and laid near me, seeking comfort.

He obviously feels at home and has for a while. I love him. He is home.

A very early-morning snuggle

Good morning.